A leader’s network

by Beth High

It’s all about the connections. This series of images is amazing. We regularly hear the chant “we are becoming a global society” but we all think about that idea in our unique way. If we are teachers we may think of it in one way, if we are entrepreneurs, another. We think of it through […]


In this piece celebrating the 40th anniversary of the creation of the The University of North Carolina system, President Bill Friday made this comment on the essential need for this institutional system: “The University and all its campuses is the engine that produces the people who will lead this state in the next half century. […]

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Leadership and the Middle East

The following chat stream came out of an online program we conducted.  What follows is a question I posed and some of the responses.  I’ve been thinking about the events in the Middle East and how the Five Practices apply in different cultures around the world.  It seems to me that they very much apply to […]

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Leadership by way of community

Advances in communication and the increased use of collaborative technologies are making space for new forms of leadership. Leadership that is born from deeply held values but is emerging from quiet corners of the collective where they may have been missed before. An example of this is the young man, Wael Ghonim, who is said […]